Kristin Beaver  
Split Spirit painting Black Velvet painting Red Velvet #1 painting Red Velvet #2 painting

Cristin/Catherine painting

Hamtramck Circus Super Sandy painting Spitfire Pilot #1 painting Braid #1

Jean-Luc, for Leander

Peach painting Kaipirina Kramer Blue Drip painting

Self Portrait with Rollers
Adrianne's Shower painting

Lou painting

Lou with Knife painting

Aretha painting Brownlee and Schoen painting Golden Favorite painting
Betty & Molly painting The White Sisters painting Sandy painting The Marvelettes painting Sizzlepants painting

Sikora & Beaver paintings

Coral 1 painting Coral 2 painting Coral 3 painting

Cabaret painting

Adam & Nicola painting Adult Contemporary painting The Matson Twins Twins painting Take Me Home painting
From the Top painting Hundred Dollar Mermaid 1 painting Hundred Dollar Mermaid painting New Flaming June Sarah Smile painting
Priscilla painting    
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